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Hi – my name is Randy Carlisle and thanks for stopping by my site. A new movement in pro blogging is coming… actually a trademark system for creating profitable “Harvest Blogs.” They are unheard of within the industry and will SHAKE the current bloggers culture! Learn how to create a blog using best practices, and build it into an asset that generates multiple streams of income – not just one…

Watch the videos here >> Bloggers Creed


Ansel Gough of Bloggers Creed

A pro blogger friend of mine has created a series of videos (the first part is shot in his local bookshop/coffee shop) that explain exactly how he’s been able to create a successful blogging business using only a small number of fans and low traffic.

The Bloggers Creed methodology will take you deep inside the world of becoming a pro blogger. It uses a trademark system of creating “Blog Assets™.” They are unheard of within the industry and will shake up the current bloggers culture! These blog assets, also called “Harvest Blogs™” are used to generate sales using a small number of fans and low traffic. This is a completely new approach to running or starting a blogging business. This is for new and advanced bloggers.

What Are “Blog Assets”

These blog assets or “Harvest Blogs” are used to generate almost immediate cash flow using only a small number of fans and low traffic. This is a completely new approach to running or starting a blogging business. This is for new and advanced bloggers. 


Here’s what a satisfied blogger wrote about the Bloggers Creed course:

“I just want you to know how happy I am to have bought your course. I have bought many courses    and WSOs – yours stand on its own! People like you do not come often in the IM world. Even your staff are brilliant. I have had first class service and care from you and one of your staff.” – Byrt Mallanyk.

And another person wrote:

I just finished the week 2 videos :-) They are amazing! This is just all the good stuff I needed, to get my own income.” – Bart Volgers

Most people think it requires thousands of posts and a massive amount of traffic to become a pro blogger. Many professionals even teach this. But is it true?

Watch the videos here >> Bloggers Creed



Bloggers Creed is a powerful series of videos that will show you this is not the case. It will take you inside the world of becoming a pro blogger. This f*ree video series will show you how to set up a small number of Harvest Blogs whose sole purpose is to achieve 3 things:

1. Create fresh targetted traffic (you only need a small amount to make it work).
2. Create fans.
3. Turn fans into a customer almost instantly and generate immediate cash flow.

We’ll take you on the inside showing how full-time income was generated from new start-up blogs. We’ve created new blogs where each one has generated 6 figure income in its own right.

Learn how to build and launch Blog Assets using the methodology which is Bloggers Creed.

“The Blog Effect”- It’s time to go pro! Turn your blog into a full-time business. Learn the key strategies and structure for building your business and your blog…

“The Following”- Get 1,000 fans for your blogs! The problem for most bloggers, especially those new to blogging is getting fans. Here’s how to get all the fans you’ll ever need!

“The Harvest“ – Generate cash flow with your Blog! This video will teach you the secret details of “Harvest Blog.”  The Blogger Creed course has only 3 purposes:

1. To show you how to set up a main “Platform Blog” and then multiple “Harvest Blogs.”

2. How to generate income/money from your blogs with a small amount of traffic and small list of fans.

3. How to build a “following” (aka: A big fan base)

“Want our help?” – Would you like us to help you become a full-time pro blogger? Learn how you can partner up with us and even have us promote your new blog to our large list of customers…

Watch the videos here >> Bloggers Creed

The two topics I want to explore are – how to create a blog and how to make money online with a blog.

How To Create A Blog Website

In creating your blog, the 6 main decisions you’ll need to make involve:

  • knowing the purpose of the blog
  • the type of blog
  • the theme topics of the blog
  • how to create a blog name
  • download and install WordPress
  • how to make money online with a blog

#1 – What Is The Purpose of Your Blog?

Let’s agree that the purpose of the blog is to express something you really care about, that can also earn you a healthy income. The next step would be to do some research into who your likely audience would be, and where they hang out on the internet.

After researching your audience, you’ll need to confirm that they are actually spending money, and that you can offer equally attractive items for them to consume. The content of your blog will be focused on providing insight and solutions to the problems and challenges your audience talks about. If you’re engaged with your audience on Twitter, Facebook, in the forums, and other places, you will already know what they want. 

After establishing the purpose, you’ll need to decide on the type of blog. It can be a free blog like, and there are many others; or, a self-hosted blog, like, where you only pay for a hosting provider and a domain name.

#2 – What Type of Blog – Free or Self-Hosted?

Let’s use the self-hosted blog. This will allow you to own the blog asset that you’ll be building. With a free blog, you don’t have ownership or full control; plus, you can’t take advantage of all the free tools available to greatly enhance your blog. Owning the domain and the blog allows you to sell the blog in the future, if you choose to.

#3 – Select the Theme Topic for Your Blog

Choosing a theme topic can be tricky. But let’s assume you chose a main topic that clearly reflects the purpose of your blog and the type of help you will be providing. The next step would be to determine the keyword phrase users would enter to search for your site topic.

If you’re satisfied with the main keyword, then do a search for the top 10-20 listings, have a look at their content and layouts, and do a competitive analysis on them. You need to have an idea of what you have to do to beat them in the SERP’s. SEO is important for ranking and traffic, but my approach is different than most others, because I advocate developing non-Google sources of traffic, first, before focusing on organic traffic. 

#4 – How to Create a Blog Name

Once you have your main keyword-based theme topic, you can decide on the name of your blog and your domain name, which may be the same as your blog or not. You’ll want to check with domain registrars to confirm that the domain name is still available, and buy it. 

In WordPress, your blog name is entered in the Site title field of the General section of the Settings Menu. And below that will be your Tagline field where you may enter your blog’s “slogan“: 


WordPress - General Settings








In my blog, I am using my domain name for the blog title, and I use a slogan in the tagline to describe what my site is about. Notice that I use my domain name for the user-name of my Google Gmail account. 

  • here’s a tip – use your domain name to create your Gmail account – see if the user-name is available?
  • later, you can use that user-name for logging into Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and more;

Now that you have a domain name that is available, and can also be used for creating your Gmail account, you’re ready for the next two steps: selecting a host provider for your blog, and installing WordPress.

Although there are several popular hosting providers to choose from, Hostgator and BlueHost seem to get good marks in every category of hosting services. Personally, I have not used BlueHost, but I’m very familiar with Hostgator. And they have technical support personnel, available 24/7, that are effective in getting to the root of a problem and solving it. But both services provide excellent resources and support when you need it. 

#5 – Download and Install WordPress

Once you have selected your host provider, you will be able to download and install the latest version of WordPress. It is very easy to do, and takes only a few moments to properly install. You will then be able to enter your domain name in the browser and your website will appear using a default theme design. 

The next steps would be to log into your site as an administrator and begin creating your blog. You’ll want to select a more attractive theme, add your basic plugins, and enter the appropriate values in the Settings tab menu items. 

#6 – How to Make Money Online With Your Blog

The Blogger’s Creed course provides the best guidance and instruction I have seen anywhere, for building a blog as a business. And if you are planning to build a website, at least take a look at his videos, before you purchase your next domain name. I say that because in his course, you learn how to build a blog the with the Blogger’s Creed methodology, which initially involves:

  • discovering the theme topic of your “parent” blog, called a “Platform” blog;
  • choosing a domain name that expresses the overall theme of the parent blog;
  • discovering the specific topic of your “child” blog, called a “Harvest” blog;
  • selecting a product or service to monetize and promote with your Harvest blog; 

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